The Department of Anatomy and Embryology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran has the following facilities:

1. Anatomy Hall

The dissection room has a video projector, freezer and cold storage, sample preparation room, osteology treasures, etc.

2. Embryology laboratory

This laboratory has different equipments for preparing different embryonic sections, staining as well as in vitro fertilization and ...

3. Laboratory animal room

This room has facilities for breeding and keeping mice and rats for experimental embryological studies.

4- Morphometry and stereology laboratory

In this laboratory, different types of calculations of volume, number, surface area and length, as well as local stereology are performed.

5- Museum of Anatomy

In this museum, there are skulls of various animals as well as models of various organs of domestic mammals.

6- Theorical Anatomy Class

This class is for anatomy.